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A Residential Service Contract better known as a Home Warranty pays repair or replacement costs for the mechanical systems and built-in appliances that break down in a home. The coverage period is normally one year and can be renewed.

There are many companies that offer home warranties with a variety of coverages.  Usuallly, a basic policy covers the CACH systems, electrical, plumbing and major appliances.

A home warranty typically costs between $500 - $600, depending on the size of the home & the specific types of coverage.  In addition to the policy premium, there is normally a deductible of $75 - $100 per claim.  BEWARE: Read your policy before purchasing.  

Reasons a Seller should provide a Home Warranty.

  • makes buyers feel more comfortable
  • can be used to offset costly repairs while the house is listed
  • can help in avoiding a lawsuit if something goes wrong after closing

Reasons a Buyer should get a Home Warranty

  • makes you feel more comfortable
  • can offset costly unforseen repairs after closing
  • It's FREE to you for one year - If the seller won't pay for it, we will

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